The door is closing and you are sad

Life is a funny thing, one minute everything is great then you feel the winds shift. Surely this is not my life’s plan.How do you pick yourself back up when a door closes in your face on your favorite dream?Image result for inspirational memes

How true is this? Would we ever appreciate the light if there was no dark (no disappointments)

For me life has been confusing lately, do I stay, do I go, am I making the right decisions for my lil one… But I have a friend who is going through much worse and my heart hurts for that situation. My prayer is, that although you feel like the door is closing and the dark is settling in, DON’T GIVE UP! I know that it is sometimes hard to find your way back but do not give up because someone is waiting for you. (friend, family loved ones, etc) I will be here for you, always.

In the end, when you see the light you will know that everything was as it was supposed to be. So chin up, Baby Girl, be the storm! If you need help, I got you. lol  I have no trouble being the storm. You are strong, intelligent, talented, beautiful daughter to The King, and I am blessed to call YOU friend!


Is this a trend?

I️ love to read and this year I can not tell you how many books I have read (I can tell you I read three last week), but I have started noticing a trend in writers. There seem to be two types of female characters in most authors.

  1. Alpha Females~ Most do not have a personality that I can see. Their only mission is to save the day and make the men look stupid and weak.
  2. Weak Leading Females~ They can not do ANYTHING without a mans advice or “permission”

Now, before you jump on me, I am neither of these types of women. Why is it hard to be a strong independent woman with brains WITHOUT making a man be less than a man. I am a get stuff done type of girl but I enjoy a man being a man. Sure I can probably chop firewood, beat up bad guys, fix a flat tire etc, but I don’t want too. Does this make me less of a “woman”?

Here’s my spin on it, women do not have to “save” themselves to be strong. Nor do you have to be weak for a real man to feel important. It should be a 50-50 relationship.