What do you do when you feel like a book lied to you…

Ok! Anyone ever been reading a book and the whole time you are thinking, why did I spend money on this book? I was responsible I read the back to see if it would fit me… All to find out oh yeah someone else wrote that blurb and I had been duped.

Well I am reading a book right now called Dirty Fairytales and the first story in the book seems like it has been written by a teenage who has never had any “experiences” to write off of. With a name like dirty fairytales you would think there would be some steam. Alas I have found absolutely NONE. 

Just so you will know me a little more, a pet peeve of mine is to NOT finish a book because I like to give the author every opportunity to get it back together. But for now I am shelving this book! 

NO STARS from me

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Dirty English

Dirty English by Ilsa Madden-Mills was absolutely captivating from the first page. I did NOT want to put it down.      

Elizabeth Bennet has been through a lot in her life and Declan Blay is just the person to show her how strong she really is! 


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Who I am

 Hi my name in Angela and I live in Small Town, USA.I have loved to read every since my sister got me hooked on my very first Judith McNaught book! (I still could almost quote that book by heart) Ahhh, Do we ever get over our first book love? I can’t wait to share all the new stories with you as well as some of the “oldies”. We will talk about them all! SO buckle up because here we go…