Emotional Week

This week started out much like any other week. Take lil man to school, head to work then come home to clean. (I sometimes feel absolutely nuts by how dull my routine has become.) Fussing about my life in general. 

I’m scrolling on social media when I see every parents worst nightmare, someone’s child had been involved in what would become a fatal accident. 

My heart is shattered for them. I can’t imagine having to make a decision like those parents had to make. My point to this post is no matter where you are in life…. struggling to make it to tomo, late to work, can’t seem to get ahead or maybe everything is roses. No one that is in your life is guaranteed tomo including you. So love a little harder make sure to hug your family and never miss an opportunity to tell someone you love them

From my crazy house to yours… #bethereasonsomeonesmilestoday #hugyourbabies


What is home to you? Is it a place? Is it a person? 

For me home is a place and no matter how long I am away from “home” when I get back to this place I feel safe and a sense of contentment that I can’t even describe… My friend sent this to me today it’s a welsh and our new word of the day! “Hiraeth” 

For me Louisiana is home! I love rolling down my windows as soon as I pass over the state line and let that feeling take hold of me. It’s like all the tension just melts away. 


What I would like to tell authors….

I LOVE to read. Ha I am guessing that much is apparent already, but here is what I would like to tell my favorite story tellers. Please let the wrap up be more than 10 pages, you have spent the last 150+ pages telling me this story. I need more than a wham bam thank you ma’am. You just solved the problem, told the girl you love them (of course you get married because true love ALWAYS happens in a week), get married, and quit your career… ALL in less than 10 pages?!?!  

You had me hook line and sinker until that happened, It makes me think that you reached your word allotment and you have to hurry and finish the book. Please don’t do that,  I NEED MORE closer than that! I have questions, just saying think about it. Because in the long run it makes me think twice about reading your books in the future.

What do you do when you feel like a book lied to you…

Ok! Anyone ever been reading a book and the whole time you are thinking, why did I spend money on this book? I was responsible I read the back to see if it would fit me… All to find out oh yeah someone else wrote that blurb and I had been duped.

Well I am reading a book right now called Dirty Fairytales and the first story in the book seems like it has been written by a teenage who has never had any “experiences” to write off of. With a name like dirty fairytales you would think there would be some steam. Alas I have found absolutely NONE. 

Just so you will know me a little more, a pet peeve of mine is to NOT finish a book because I like to give the author every opportunity to get it back together. But for now I am shelving this book! 

NO STARS from me

#dirtyfairytales #nogoodforme #whereisthesteam #IantbelieveIpaidmoneyforthis

Who I am

 Hi my name in Angela and I live in Small Town, USA.I have loved to read every since my sister got me hooked on my very first Judith McNaught book! (I still could almost quote that book by heart) Ahhh, Do we ever get over our first book love? I can’t wait to share all the new stories with you as well as some of the “oldies”. We will talk about them all! SO buckle up because here we go…