Is this a trend?

I️ love to read and this year I can not tell you how many books I have read (I can tell you I read three last week), but I have started noticing a trend in writers. There seem to be two types of female characters in most authors.

  1. Alpha Females~ Most do not have a personality that I can see. Their only mission is to save the day and make the men look stupid and weak.
  2. Weak Leading Females~ They can not do ANYTHING without a mans advice or “permission”

Now, before you jump on me, I am neither of these types of women. Why is it hard to be a strong independent woman with brains WITHOUT making a man be less than a man. I am a get stuff done type of girl but I enjoy a man being a man. Sure I can probably chop firewood, beat up bad guys, fix a flat tire etc, but I don’t want too. Does this make me less of a “woman”?

Here’s my spin on it, women do not have to “save” themselves to be strong. Nor do you have to be weak for a real man to feel important. It should be a 50-50 relationship.

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