I am at a loss…

I know this blog is about books and we will get back to them shortly but first I want to ask you a question.

If I tell you my child has an allergy (nut, gluten, peanut butter or bees ect.) all products containing these ingredients are immediately ban from school. Right? (My child goes to school where there is a nut ban)

So If I tell you my child is allergic to sugar why do you continue to have sugar in his school? Can you tell me the difference? Sugar affects him like a poison, his lil body just can not process great amounts of processed sugar. He has a hard enough time eating natural sugar and keeping control.

His school is having a “sharing meal” today, where everyone brings a bag of candy to school and they go around with a waffle cone and fill up their cone with various candies. Now let me be fair, his teacher is aware that he can’t have sugar so she told us we could bring his own stuff and he would have a cone just not get to share with the others… This breaks my heart, literally in two. Keep in mind my son is 4 and doesn’t understand why he can’t participate in this like the other kids. So instead of the tears I knew would be coming I kept him home to avoid someone feeling sorry for him and slipping him some sugary treat anyway.

NOW before you jump on me and tell me, Angela, there is medicine for hyperactivity. Let me ask you this. If you knew you were allergic to nuts, would you eat a pecan pie and then shoot up medicine to keep your body from reacting? If you are diabetic is it smart to feel your body full of toxins just because you have insulin to save your life? Y’all get the point. My point is simple when we control his diet he is no longer hyper, is this harder? Absolutely! But we do it to maybe keep him from having to take meds that could potentially change his personality. (Now I am not against said meds its just not where we are right now)

Last thing and then I will be done. The Obesity rate for adults in Alabama 2016 is 18-25 years 22.6% 26-44 years 38.2% 45-64 42.1% That is HUGE! Why do we feel the need to feel our children from a young age junk on a daily basis. (I am not talking about special occasions either.) Something to think about for sure.

My hope is that one day we will take seriously the dangers of being flippant with sugar sensitivities or hyperactivity. This is coming from someone who suffered from this all my life.

Love to all,


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