Ridin Dirty By Hilary Storm


Harley is on the run for her life when Slater appears to save her. Is Slater her hero or will he hand her over to the very people she is running from?

I LOVE Mc books. I LOVE sassy women and alpha men who have not problems controlling them. I have a love hate relationship with books that end before they are finished though. I love them because my characters live on to tell more of their story. I hate them because I hate waiting. Generally when I know the book will be a series I will wait until the author is almost finished to start the first one. All that being said I enjoy Hilary’s writing and and wait to see where this book takes me. I can already tell you I am half in love with Slater already. So we will wait till January to find out if Slater will be the hero Harley needs or if Harley will quit running from what is happening between them!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ from me #Hildoesitagain #Slater #ridindirty #mcbooks

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