What I would like to tell authors….

I LOVE to read. Ha I am guessing that much is apparent already, but here is what I would like to tell my favorite story tellers. Please let the wrap up be more than 10 pages, you have spent the last 150+ pages telling me this story. I need more than a wham bam thank you ma’am. You just solved the problem, told the girl you love them (of course you get married because true love ALWAYS happens in a week), get married, and quit your career… ALL in less than 10 pages?!?!  

You had me hook line and sinker until that happened, It makes me think that you reached your word allotment and you have to hurry and finish the book. Please don’t do that,  I NEED MORE closer than that! I have questions, just saying think about it. Because in the long run it makes me think twice about reading your books in the future.

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