What do you do when you feel like a book lied to you…

Ok! Anyone ever been reading a book and the whole time you are thinking, why did I spend money on this book? I was responsible I read the back to see if it would fit me… All to find out oh yeah someone else wrote that blurb and I had been duped.

Well I am reading a book right now called Dirty Fairytales and the first story in the book seems like it has been written by a teenage who has never had any “experiences” to write off of. With a name like dirty fairytales you would think there would be some steam. Alas I have found absolutely NONE. 

Just so you will know me a little more, a pet peeve of mine is to NOT finish a book because I like to give the author every opportunity to get it back together. But for now I am shelving this book! 

NO STARS from me

#dirtyfairytales #nogoodforme #whereisthesteam #IantbelieveIpaidmoneyforthis

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